Created by Dragon’s Den Winners – Timberkits

We have worked with Timberkits since we opened MAD in 2012. This lovely Welsh company supply wooden construction kits in all different shapes and sizes and we sell a lot of their products in our gift shop. We also provide their educational kits called ‘Timbertech Cams’.

Timbertech Cams

Beginner Level. A complete box of Timberkits parts for individual design and experimentation. Contains components for 4 models with a choice of 3 different cam and wheel mechanisms for children to design and build their own object to bring to life.

This kit could form a great holiday, family or school project and includes the worksheets to help you get started.


We sell these kits of four in our museum’s gift shop for £15.99.
They can also be purchased by school groups for £3.00 per kit/person. Please refer to our Groups page for more information about this.

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pushchairs during peak times (however they can be left downstairs by the lift). Thank you for understanding.