Group Booking Terms and Conditions

Changing your Booking

Should you wish to bring any additional pupils/ attendees and supervising adults or make any other booking changes, please inform us at least a week in advance of your visit. The booking is confirmed when the invoice is sent. Group discount rates are subject to availability. For late bookings you may need to buy tickets priced at the general admission rate.
If you are running late on the day of your visit please contact the museum directly – 01789 269356.

Credit Notes

If you can no long visit the museum and have paid for a group visit, we will issue the organisation in question with a credit note. This is also the case if more than 10 paid-for attendees are not present on the day.
A group organiser will need to arrange a rescheduled visit in advance. 1 rescheduled visit can be redeem on a credit note, therefore we advise the group organiser to bring the stated number of attendees on the rescheduled visit.
If the rescheduled group has more attendees than stated on the credit note, we will issue the group organiser with a combined credit note invoice which will state the additional balance. Once the second group visit has occurred, the credit note is completed.


If a school wishes to cancel its booking it is important that advance notice is given, allowing the museum to fill booking slots with other groups.
Bookings must be cancelled over the phone (Mon – Fri tel: 01926 865839).
Once payment has been received, bookings cannot be cancelled only rescheduled.
No refunds will be given for any pre-paid visitors not present on the day.

Payment Terms

We accept 2 methods of payment :
In advance of visit via cheque or BACS payment. OR alternatively, on the day of visit via cheque, cash or card payment.
The method of payment must be stated before the scheduled visit.
Please note that entry to the museum can only be granted once the total balance has been received.

Payment Fines

If the full payment is not received by the visit date the visiting group has a window of 2 working days to make the payment or provide a remittance invoice. Failure to comply to this will mean a fine of £40.00 will be incurred and added to the invoice (+ interest on the outstanding balance).

Risk Assessment Document

If you would like a copy of the museum’s risk assessment form, please contact a member of our Group Bookings Team.
Please click here to find out more.

Safety On Site

It is imperative everyone visiting the museum understands and is aware of the safety information. If there is an accident during your visit please inform a member of staff immediately. A first aider is available if required.
If an emergency evacuation does occur, a continuous siren will sound. Please follow the direction of a member of staff. Visitors will be asked to vacate the premises through the museum’s entrance onto Henley Street or at the rear of the building. There are emergency exit signs throughout the museum.
Groups are given a safety briefing at the start of their visit to The MAD Museum. We request everyone listens to this and takes it on board. we reserve the right to ask any visitors who don’t abide by our health and safety rules to leave the museum immediately.


It is essential that pupils are supervised at all times during their visit to The MAD Museum.
The minimum level of supervision that the museum requires is one supervising adult/ teacher for every 5 pupils aged 5-11yrs and one for every 10 pupils aged 12-18yrs.
If you do not follow this requirement we have the right to refuse admission to groups with insufficient supervision. Please make sure all teachers/ supervising adults attending your visit recognise that they are responsible for the behaviour, actions and care of their pupils.

We will be closed 7th & 8th October for maintenance. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
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