As we announced earlier this week, MAD has officially reopened its doors to the public after an enforced closure of more than 4 months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve made quite a few changes to the museum in order to prepare for reopening, a lot of these have been necessary in order to maximise the safety of our staff and visitors. Being a highly interactive tourist attraction is far from ideal when a deadly virus is still in circulation and the Government are telling us not to touch anything, so we’ve been very busy making the museum as safe as possible.

Sadly that means that our immensely popular “MAD Marbles Wall” is temporarily off limits, however it will be back as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime it has opened up some previously unavailable space for a few brand new exhibits! This includes a wonderful, 5ft mechanical spider (pictured) created by one of MAD’s favourite resident artists, Steve Sherwin. Steve carefully studied how real spiders move before he designed it, in order to come up with the most realistic rendition possible. The finished piece is incredibly lifelike, so perhaps don’t get too close if you’re scared of spiders!

Steve, from Staffordshire, already features a number of his works in MAD, including the double sided rolling machine “Mech Ball”. Check out more of Steve’s work on his website.

A giant, creepy mechanical spider isn’t all that’s new at MAD this summer. The museum now also houses a truly fantastic work of automata by another of MAD’s favourite artists, Wanda Sowry. Entitled “Self Portrait”, this incredible piece is unlike any automata you’ve ever seen in that it actually features the artist herself at work. It really needs to be seen to be believed, so book your trip to MAD now and see it in action! Visit here for tickets. 

MAD is also now displaying a brand new piece of automata by the European artist Yuri Sharov, a great exhibit featuring the work William Shakespeare. All these new exhibits can be seen at MAD right now so what are you waiting for?!

For tickets visit here or call 01789 269 356 and select option 1. We are open 7 days a week in August, from 10am to 5.30pm every single day. Tickets MUST be prebooked.


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