Updated 21st July 2020

Important: Please read!

MAD has now reopened, however you will ONLY be able to enter the museum if you have a pre-booked ticket. Tickets will no longer be for sale at the front desk, they must be purchased via the link below or by calling 01789 269 356. Please read the following important information regarding these changes, so that you and your fellow visitors know exactly what to expect when they visit MAD. Thanks!

Admission into MAD

  • Please arrive promptly at the time shown on your ticket(s). The staff are unable to admit you if you arrive late and you will not be eligible for a refund. It is essential that everybody arrives at the correct time in order for us to safely manage the number of visitors inside MAD at any given time.
  • Please present your ticket(s) upon arrival at the front desk. This can be done via the screen on your mobile device or by print-out. The barcode on your ticket(s) must be visible and scannable.
  • All visitors must have a pre-booked ticket. Please do not come into MAD without a ticket.
  • We ask you to please postpone your visit if you or anyone else at home have been recently experiencing symptoms of COVID19.
  • As per the latest Government guidelines, from August 8th all visitors will be obligated to wear a face mask inside the museum.

Inside MAD

  • We have replaced all of the push buttons used to operate the exhibits with motion activated equivalents. Simply wave your hand in front of the button, when it changes colour from red to green, you’ve activated the exhibit. This way, you shouldn’t need to touch anything at all on your way around the museum.
  • The average visiting time is approximately 1 – 1.5 hours. Due to the COVID situation, we can only admit customers who are waiting into the museum when it is safe to do so, in terms of the numbers of people already present. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate it if you could please keep an eye on the time that you have already spent in MAD and try to keep your visit to a reasonable length. This will allow everyone, including those waiting to be admitted, to enjoy the museum. If a situation arises where the museum is deemed to be at risk of over crowding, we may ask you to restrict the length of your visit to 1 hour. Thank you for understanding.
  • We have had to temporarily replace certain displays due to them presenting a higher risk of Coronavirus transmission. The interactive marble wall and the Cuboro building block table are not in use but we have worked hard to replace these with several exciting exhibits, including a brand new 5ft mechanical spider and two fantastic new works of automata!
  • We have foot operated hand sanitiser stations and other sanitisers at various locations around the museum. Please use them, particularly upon entry to MAD.
  • Please follow the one-way system around the museum, as designated by the blue floor stickers. Be considerate of other visitors who may be making their way around at a different pace. Should you need to overtake somebody, please try to respect social distancing guidelines as much you possibly can.
  • There is a toilet available for use in the museum.

Gift vouchers, Tesco vouchers, Stay Play Explore, Explorer Pass and other admission schemes

If you have an existing voucher or pass, please email with a photo of the relevant side of the voucher/pass, and include any other necessary information. We will then send you a promo code that you can use to redeem against the price of the tickets that you want to book.

MAD is open again! Admission is via prebooking ONLY. For tickets, call 01789 269 356 ororder online here.