From 1st October 2019 The MAD Museum is increasing its educational prices. These discounts have not been changed in over 7 years and since they were first put in place, we have made the following improvements to the museum and to our educational services:

  1. We opened an interactive room in The MAD Museum with a large marble run wall and other STEAM-appropriate hands-on activities.
  2. We have increased the number of exhibits by 18% meaning there’s now even more to see and interact with.
  3. We have tailored KS1, KS2 and KS4 activity packs which specifically coincide with what is offered at MAD and what is part of the National Curriculum.
  4.  We now offer Cam automata kits and Linkages automata kits at a discount to schools. These fun yet educational classroom activities support the STEAM subjects and come with worksheets for teachers and pupils, straight-forward instructions and lesson plan videos.
  5. We have improved the sensory and tactile aspects of The MAD Museum meaning the museum’s environment provides a more multi-sensory experience, as well as being more enjoyable and beneficial for SEN groups.
  6. Teacher resources packs for KS1-KS4 years groups are now available. These help teachers with lesson planning and also support teachers before, during and after group visits to our museum.

We feel our new educational packages justify this new price increase. As an independent family run business, we try to keep our prices reasonable and fair. Occasionally we do need to make changes. We are sorry if this causes you any problems.

Please contact Katie Madley if you have any questions or issues you wish to discuss.


New Prices from 01/10/19
All students
(Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Higher Educational) –   £5.00 per head
Free teachers:  1 free per 10 students.
Extra adults:  £6.00 (actually reduced from £6.24)
Cam and Linkages automata kits:  £4.00 per kit
Printed KS1-KS3 activity packs:  £0.50 per pack
Electronic KS1-KS3 activity packs:  Free (no change here)
Teacher resources packs:  Now free (were £2.00 before)
Marble machine kits:  Range from £6.00 to £30.00 (no change here)

Joint tickets with Stratford Butterfly Farm and Shakespeare’s Schoolroom & Guildhall – we will also be changing these joint prices accordingly. These changes will be announced from 1st October 2019 on our website.


Find out more by looking at our Educational page and at the packs attached. The new information packs and details will be listed on this webpage from 1st October 2019.

Any educational visits booked and/or enquired about before 1st October 2019 will be honoured with the old educational prices.

All bookings and/or enquiries made after 1st October 2019 will be assigned the new prices.


Kind regards,
Katie Madley
Education Officer at The MAD Museum

For our latest opening information please seehere