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The MAD Museum supports the STEAM Subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths. Catering to all age groups, MAD encourages learners to interact, examine and be inspired by the one-off inventions on display.


The mad museum


Depending on the age of your learners, the discounted group rates range from £5.50 per head. This grants entry to The MAD Museum, exclusive access, complimentary teacher resources, activity packs for pupils, and discounted automata and marble machine kits. Additionally, you will receive support from knowledgeable staff. Notably, two free recce visits for teachers are available only when a booking is made. Our group packages are exclusively offered during Warwickshire Term Time and require prebooking.


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Ages 5-16yrs

Free Teacher’s Resources

Resources for before, during and after a trip to MAD. Lesson plans, explanations, facts and tips which all support the national curriculum.

Ages 5-16yrs+

Cam Automata & Linkages Kits

Support your topic and a trip to MAD with a classroom activity. Build a choice of 3 different mechanisms with these easy-to-follow construction kits.

Ages 5-16yrs

Activity Packs

Engaging educational activity packs for learners to carry out during and after their visit to The MAD Museum.  Whilst supporting the curriculum, they also encourage learners to design, describe and think outside the box.

Ages 7-16yrs +

Marble Machines Kits

As part of a group booking, you can purchase our marble kits at a discounted rate. Made by MAD, we offer four different construction kits, all varying in design and complexity.

Ages 5-16yrs+

Free Teacher Recces

Teachers and group organisers are invited to proactively plan complimentary familiarisation visits at our MAD Museum. Please contact the bookings team ahead of time to arrange these visits and assess whether your pupils would benefit from a trip to MAD.


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Year 1-6 (aged 5-11yrs)


Year 7-11 (ages 11-16yrs)

Higher Education

Students 16yrs +

Home Education

All Ages


What Teachers Have Said

“Huge success with kids & teachers”

The teachers said that staff couldn’t do enough to help the kids. A great day and a successful trip. Thanks for all you did to ‘oil the wheels’…appreciated!” The Grange County Primary School

“Very enjoyable few hours”

“The group really enjoyed the visit, it is certainly a wonderful place. Thank you for making us feel so welcome there. The students loved the museum and I hope to bring more next year.” Campion Hall (Oxford) Language School

“Educational & inspiring”

Please pass on our thanks to the staff at the Mad Museum for the care, attention and inspiration today. All the children had a fantastic time, one wants even to be locked in and sleep there!” St Giles Junior School

“Amazingly worthwhile”

“We had a great time! The exhibits were amazing and the children loved the fact there was so much interaction. I think the staff had just as much fun as the students. We will definitely be recommending it to colleagues!Ratcliffe College

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