Ali Pickard is a trained metalwork artist and designer who is just getting into making automata.

She recently visited our MAD Museum and wrote an article about her trip for A-N The Artist Information Company.

“They cater really well for education and children who can wow at the effects as they push a button. But it is also equally interesting for adults who have an interest in automata arts, and you can easily spend a few hours or a day there looking at the mechanisms and all the different movements produced. It gave me a lot of food for thought and confirmed my thoughts on where I want to take my sculptural work in the future, in that beautiful effects can be created from simple mechanics to enhance a piece. I definitely come from the artistic rather than engineering side of the spectrum, but moving on I can see a way forward to make my own sculptural pieces, but with automata enhancement.” Ali Pickard.

Ali Pickard

Reviewing The MAD Museum

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