Ali Pickard is a trained metalwork artist and designer who is just getting into making automata.

She recently visited our MAD Museum and wrote an article about her trip for A-N The Artist Information Company.

“They cater really well for education and children who can wow at the effects as they push a button. But it is also equally interesting for adults who have an interest in automata arts, and you can easily spend a few hours or a day there looking at the mechanisms and all the different movements produced. It gave me a lot of food for thought and confirmed my thoughts on where I want to take my sculptural work in the future, in that beautiful effects can be created from simple mechanics to enhance a piece. I definitely come from the artistic rather than engineering side of the spectrum, but moving on I can see a way forward to make my own sculptural pieces, but with automata enhancement.” Ali Pickard.

Ali Pickard

Reviewing The MAD Museum

In order to abide by the social distancing measures put forward by the government in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the museum is sadly CLOSED to the public until further notice. Please stay safe and we hope to see you again soon.