Pages of Interest

Pages of interest

Kinetic art websites/blogs,etc:

Spiel und Kunst mit Mechanik II by Falk Keuten. This blog is devoted to the subject of Kinetic Art, rolling ball sculptures, automata, weird machines, chain reactions and wooden and paper mechanics.  Kineticus- news and database of many kinetic artists. All about rolling ball sculptures and kinetic art. Founded by Hanns-Martin Wagner.

Museums, exhibitions, etc: The world famous Jean Tinguely Museum (Basel, Switzerland) House of Marbles Visitor attraction & shop (Devon, England, UK) Rolling Ball Museum (Korea)
Thinktank Thinktank – Birmingham Science Museum (Birmingham,UK)
Sharmanka Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre (Glasgow, Scotland, UK) Touring Automata Exhibition (Spain) Automata museum in Rome (Italy) Children’s discovery museum (USA)

Other:  Designers & builders of exhibits for museums, science centres, artists, etc. (Switzerland)

Previous exhibiting artists and other notable links

The Kinetic Art genre has an eclectic mix of artists spread throughout the world. The MAD Museum (Mechanical Art and Design) is the first we know of that is dedicated to a permanent display of the work of these artists.

There are thousands of interesting items out there in workshops and garages throughout the world, and the links below will take interested parties to each artist’s website. We have tried to arrange them by order of country (strictly alphabetical priority!)

Lots of works are much better seen live than in images or on video where it is not easy to get the full understanding or credit of the effect or ingenuity of the piece of Kinetic Art.

If you are looking for a Kinetic Art sculpture for perhaps a hotel foyer, public space or even your home then please get in touch with these artists directly.

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