Authentic piece of kinetic art now at MAD

The MAD Museum is now displaying a fascinating piece of art by Amsterdam-based artist, Lukas van de Vrande.

This is a true-to-form, accurate piece of kinetic art and Lukas made it out of steel and polyacetal in 2013.

Each set of gears has a different number of teeth, so each set of gears has its own dimensions and turnaround time. A set of two equal gears makes a line move, each line with its own speed and period. The sum of all stripes together makes the composition. 


Lukas van de Vrande is a maths-teacher for WisMon and as a numbers man for various companies.

After his studies in Industrial Design & Architecture in Delft and Italian Language in Amsterdam, Lukas started his own company in 2006, called Lukas’ Bedrijf with two simple goals: making money to take care of his family and making as much art as possible.

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pushchairs during peak times (however they can be left downstairs by the lift). Thank you for understanding.