We are currently preparing 3 fantastic new pieces of automata ready for exhibiting. These sculptures were all made by the legendary automata maker, Keith Newstead.

We first came to hear about these one-of-a-kind pieces when a private collector contacted us. Over the years he had amassed over 70 pieces of automata. Now looking to downsize his house, the collector wanted to sell some of the larger sculptures.  He offered them to The MAD Museum because he knew we were the UK’s centre for mechanical art and that we would give them a good home. 

All three sculptures are in perfect condition and are currently in the process of being wired up and properly protected for presentation. The largest of the new additions will be the biggest piece of automata that we have ever displayed at our museum. This quirky sculpture plays a full rendition of “Run Rabbit Run” sung by Keith Newstead himself. 

We’ve exhibited several of Keith Newstead’s creations in the past and we sell his paper automata kits in our gift shop. Keith Newstead is one of the most famous automata artists in the word, find out more about him here –

These exhibits will be on display from the beginning of the Summer holiday, come down to see them for yourself.

For our latest opening information please seehere