Last week we were in Switzerland to see the unveiling of resident artist Pascal Bettex’s new work “Le Chablais Scope”. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Chablais region’s railway company (TPC), Pascal was challenged to convert two disused railway carriages measuring 35 metres long in total, into a mobile exhibition of kinetic art. The title of the work literally translates as “The View of Chablais”.

With the help of TPC’s Head of Marketing and Communication Grégoire Montangero, the two men worked non-stop to raise the necessary sponsorship required to get the project off the ground.The results were nothing short of breathtaking, for all the pictures please check out our page:

“Le Chablais Scope” will embark on numerous adventures over the coming years as it travels from place to place in order that people can appreciate the glorious work of Pascal and also help celebrate the anniversary of the railway company.

The official exhibit facebook page can be visited here: . Pascal’s own page is available here:

Pascal currently has three wonderful exhibits on display at The MAD Museum so please do pop along for an opportunity to see some of his incredible kinetic artwork in the flesh



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