The MAD Museum’s mechanical doors are now finally open! Come and see the exciting assortment of Kinetic Art, Automata and Steampunk for yourself!

Located on Sheep Street in Stratford upon Avon,  The MAD Museum’s collection involves a colourful medley of whirring, clanking, laser, robotic and rolling ball machines. The MAD garden even includes a sculpture from the MAD founder Richard Simmons himself!

The MAD Museum Chevy is still soaring around Stratford upon Avon and picking up a lot of interest on the way. If you see it, email us the number plate and we will email you back a 50% off vouchers for the MAD Museum!

We also have a few MAD discount vouchers available in tourist and local magazines, newspapers and leaflets so keep your eyes pealed!

Open every day from 10.30 – 6.30pm, visit The MAD Museum today – you’d be MAD not to!



For our latest opening information please seehere