Wu Xiao Fei

As a young boy growing up in China Wu Xiao Fei was very introverted and reserved. He had always enjoyed taking things apart to see how they worked, which meant they then had to rebuild. Discovering a problem and finding the solution gave him a great sense of achievement, even when the problem was small. He is inspired by taking an idea from initial concept and developing the process all the way through to making the final piece.

Along the creative journey conquering obstacles to ensure that the ultimately goal is achieved- seeing it work. This artist is curious about the challenges presented by his work. Exploring kinetic sculptures that interact with the audience. He hopes his work provokes responses which attracts children to his playful contraptions and that both children and adults interact and enjoy in the same way. The pleasure he experiences in exhibiting comes from the satisfaction of been able to make people smile and children ask questions. His sculptures can be described as curiously stimulating.

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