Matt Smith Automata Artist

Matt Smith is a renowned automata artist based in the United Kingdom, and is the founder along with Paul Spooner of The Fourteen Balls Toy Co. He is well-known for his intricate and whimsical automata creations that feature complex mechanical movements and intricate designs.

Matt’s passion for automata began at a young age, after pursuing his interest in mechanical engineering and sculpture, he established The Fourteen Balls Toy Co in 1986, with the aim of creating unique and innovative automata that showcase the magic of movement and mechanics.

Since then, Matt has gained international recognition for his work and has exhibited his pieces at various art galleries and museums around the world. His creations range from playful animals to intricate machines that depict scenes from everyday life, and are made using a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.

In addition to his artistic work, Matt is also involved in teaching and promoting the art of automata-making. He has conducted workshops and talks at various educational institutions and museums, sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring artists and enthusiasts.

Overall, Matt Smith’s work has made a significant contribution to the world of automata and continues to inspire and captivate audiences with his imaginative and intricate creations.

Fourteen Balls Automata

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