Sascha Alexa Martin Muller
Sascha Alexa Martin Müller
Sascha Alexa Martin Müller’s artistic works are multilayered; they include mechanical and sound installations, as well as involvement in music projects. Mechanical training and experience gained from previous activities had since 1991 enabled Sascha Müller to assist customers with technical implementations and help them to organise their exhibitions. In this context, several artistic and audiovisual projects were executed. From 2002, these activities encouraged Sascha Müller to construct interactive sound sculptures and kinetic objects.

This is what Sascha Müller says about these objects: “I create machines which react to people. What interests me here is the interaction of people and machines. It is not my intention to design machines or robots which are supposed to imitate people, but rather ones which develop a life of their own and have their own character which cannot be associated with human behaviour. To me they are a type of entertainer which I also like watching time and time again when others communicate with them.”

Sascha Müller lives and works in Basel and has been participating in national and international exhibitions since 2004.

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