Ludvik Cejp
Ludvik Cejp

Actually, I don’t have a lot to say, with my work I am moving within the realm of non-verbal art. It is understood more through the eyes than through words.

I don’t incorporate any deep messages or philosophies into my objects – it’s not because I don’t care for philosophy, but rather because I do. Even though my themes and motives seem rational and scientific – mechanics, clocks and other gadgets – I work irrationally, by my gut instinct, rather unscientifically, and while I work I think of everything but technology. But what the spectator thinks while he looks at my art is entirely up to him.

My art lives also through the spectator, and I don’t want to patronize him. And if he doesn’t think at all, that’s okay too, because the objects were made to be looked at.

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I almost forgot – I was born in 1962.

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