Lisa Slater is a British artist who has gained recognition for her mesmerising automata sculptures. Born in the UK, Slater grew up with a passion for creating. However, her interest in mechanics and movement led her to explore the world of automata, and she has been creating these whimsical sculptures ever since.

Lisa’s work is characterised by intricate mechanical movements that are set into motion by the viewer, creating a unique interactive experience. Her automata range from simple designs to complex pieces that incorporate multiple movements and intricate mechanisms. Lisa’s sculptures often feature a whimsical and playful theme, incorporating animals, birds, and other natural elements.

Lisa’s art has been exhibited in numerous galleries and exhibitions across the UK and internationally, and she has received critical acclaim for her unique style and creative approach. Her work has also been featured in various publications, including The Guardian and Crafts magazine.

Aside from her work as an artist, Lisa is also a teacher and has held workshops and classes to share her passion for automata and mechanics with others. Her dedication to teaching and sharing her knowledge has helped to inspire a new generation of automata artists.

Overall, Lisa Slater’s work is a unique blend of art, mechanics, and storytelling, creating a truly magical and enchanting experience for viewers.

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