I was born in the UK on 14th Feb 1968. My career started with an electrical apprenticeship with a local contracting company and my full time career is still that of a maintenance electrician. As a personal venture / past time I always enjoyed creative projects.

When I was in my twenties I visited an automata museum in YORK, then one at covent gardens, called the cabaret mechanical theatre. It was an amazing experience to see and be inspired by many talented artists creating automata. At this time in my life with work and family commitments I did not get the time I would have liked to give this a go even though I had purchased many books plus VHS instructional videos at that time!.

If I were to pick a favourite it would be Keith newstead. His course explained everything in a simplified way and his automatons were outstanding.

During the covid period when I had turned 50 I was laid off work for three weeks and it was during this time that my interest was reignited once again after finding an online automata magazine publication. I had a 3D printer plus had learned an easy 3D modelling software application. My first automata involved a made up character that I called Hector who developed after a creative period 3D modelling on the computer. Thought it looked quirky so went with it to develop this character into an automata display. The magazine editor kindly offered to publish my article and since then I have completed three projects.

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