Ian Paradine


About Ian………

Model railways are amazing, but they tend to follow typical passenger safety rules to employ a certain amount realism.  Whilst in the middle of making my first railway, I got frustrated with the regular design constraints and began to fantasise about runaway trucks escaping the quarry lines and loop-da-looping their way back to the shunting yards.  This quite quickly led me to discover the amazing online community of Rolling Ball Sculptures.  My RBS journey began in 2017 with many failed attempts in materials and scale.  When I finally settled on copper wire, I managed to get successful with ½ inch stainless steel balls.

These days I’m building desk top sculptures for sale mostly using 2mm copper wire, 5/8 inch stainless steel balls and low voltage electric motors to lift the balls to the top.  I mostly use a resistance solder iron to make my sculptures.  Each sculpture I make is designed to be different from the last and I’m definitely still developing my own skills and design style.  I video myself designing and building my RBS and regularly post vlog style videos on my Copper-Gravity YouTube channel.  Please subscribe to my channel if you want to follow along.

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