Guy Marsden

Guy grew up in rural Yorkshire and later in Baltimore, obtained his fine arts degree in photography and wood crafting in the mid 1970’s. While in school he also taught himself electronics, and his life has been a blend of art and technology ever since. In the 1980’s he worked on the special visual effects for “Star Trek – the Motion Picture” and “Ghostbusters” amongst others and since then he has been a self employed artist/engineer.

Currently he designs electronic products and works with artists to engineer their works. Guy is dedicated to living life in a sustainable way using technology and has installed solar panels and collectors by himself on his home and studio/workshop in rural Maine, USA. He also designed and manufactures a line of electronic products that enhance the performance of solar heating systems.

The pieces we are showcasing at The MAD Museum are from a series that spans over 25 years. His Digital Numeric Relevators are, in his own words, “designed to generate and display irrelevant numeric information in an effort to satirize our implicit trust of electronically represented numeric information.” The term Relevator is one created by the him, the definition is officially: “a machine capable of creating and displaying irrelevant numeric information”.

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