MAD's Gifts and Kits

Marble Kits

Marble runs, insect swatters, stirling engines and more, all made by the team behind The MAD Museum on our laser cutting machines.

Gift Tickets

Great for presents and prizes. Pay for a friend or family member’s enter into to The MAD Museum. Purchase online on in-store.

Educational Kits

Basic automata kits that teach children about crank arms. Take these kits away with you to make at home or back in the classroom.

Gift Shop

Take a look into our museum’s gift shop. We sell over 150 gadgets and gizmos, most of which incorporate art, engineering & design.

MAD Marbles

Hand – crafted and engraved rolling ball walls. Design your very own wall; personalisation of the wall and track is included in the cost.


Our ‘While-you-wait’ laser cutting and text engraving service. Also find out about our bespoke laser services here.

The MAD Museum will be closing at 4pm on Thursday 21st September 2017.