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BeFunky-CollagewebThe MAD Museum’s Gift Shop

We sell over 150 gadgets and gismos in our museum’s gift shop, most of which incorporate science, art, engineering or design.

Pick from an eclectic assortment of Wind up Toys, Sound Machines, Marble Runs, Robots, IQ Tests, Weird Science Experiments and much more!

Perfect for little kids and big kids alike! Whether you’re shopping for stocking fillers, birthday presents or party gifts; The MAD Museum’s shop is full of quirky toys and games to help inspire creativity, encourage building and make science fun!

All age groups * Wide price range

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Marble Kits

Marble runs, insect swatters and stirling engines. Since purchasing a state-of-the-art laser machine earlier this year, we have been producing our own marble kits. There are an assortment of different kits to choose from.

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MAD Marbles

Due to popular demand you can now commission your very own rolling ball machine. Hand – crafted and engraved by our laser machine. Personalisation of the wall and the track parts is included in the cost.

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MAD Factory

We are branching out, making all sorts of new items with our laser machines. Check out our brand new MAD Factory facebook page