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Easter Newsletter


Or download it here - Easter Newsletter A3. 2014


Latest Exhibits now on display

MAD newbies! Have a look at the most recent additions to our MAD family..... we've got a few more to roll out soon so watch this space.

Richard Simmons’ MAD Golf Ball Run (v2)

The MAD Museum's great founder and benefactor Richard Simmons wanted to make his own artistic contribution to our brand new Henley Street venue, so he built a crazy rolling ball machine to sit proudly in the museum's entrance.

Always striving for more, this week Richard has worked hard to extend the track towards MAD's front […]

MAD’s Move

In October 2013, The MAD Museum moved premises from Sheep Street to Henley Street in Stratford upon Avon.

Here are some photos from start to finish - 












The MAD Museum Launches!

The long awaited opening of The MAD Museum (Mechanical Art and Design) has now arrived and with an enthusiastic attendance to the launch party of over 200 people, it was a great success!

In attendance on the evening were the Mayor of Stratford upon Avon, the Sherriff of Warwickshire, the Deputy Mayor of Leamington Spa […]

The hard work continues….

With just 4 weeks to go (yes, four!) until our official opening, unsurprisingly the hard work is continuing in earnest over at the museum. Painters, electricians, gardeners, carpenters, installation men, lighting consultants, security engineers....you name them, they've all been at MAD recently, with many of them there as I write. Things are coming along nicely, […]

Pascal Bettex- Le Mechanisms De L’Argent

Last Friday, February 10th, saw the museum take delivery of a fantastic machine by the Swiss Kinetic Artist Pascal Bettex. It is in fact the first machine to be fully set-up and installed inside the museum. Here's a sneak preview, but to see it in action you'll have to wait till we open!



Willi Reiche

German kinetic artist Willi Reiche will kindly be loaning us some of his work, which will be on display in the museum when it opens next year. Check out his machines that will be featured:

Kick or Kiss











Les Gammas Existent